8th – 16th December, 2018

Mari Ishiwata is a painter, performer, mother and founder of Yama Yama Art Center which is located deep in the mountains of Kyoto, Japan. Mari has a background in Sociology and Anthropology and has studied Spirituality of Japanese Contemporary society from Keio University, Japan (2002-2006). Her art projects endeavour to link the core of people’s daily life. After leading some ‘Artist in Residence’ Programs in Spain Basque, Berlin and Germany and experiencing the Tōhoku earthquake in 2011, she developed the interest to create a place for people from different identities to spend time together.

Mari will be in residence from 8th to 16th December, 2018. During her residency she will lead a painting workshop and show a live painting process every day for 5 days. She will also be available for one on one interactions and creative sessions with Vanavasis.

To book your retreat at Vana or to express interest to attend Mari Ishiwata’s sessions, please email Retreat Reservations [email protected] or call us at +91 135 3911114. You may also decide to attend after your arrival at the Retreat.