We are happy to share with you that Brian Page Bauerle, coach, psychotherapist and founder of the Asian Leadership Institute will be at Vana from 22nd to 28th November, 2017. Drawing on his years as a Buddhist monk and through his personal commitment to social work, Brian emphasises on high trust and an open connection, characterised by genuine caring. His success derives from his practical awareness, his extensive experience with business and the wise intuitive counsel he provides. In this retreat residency, Brian will share a unique perspective on leadership based on the application of mindfulness.

In May this year, Brian had led a five day long retreat that focussed on relationships and leadership, which our Vanavasis learned to apply in their daily lives. Brian’s methodology places paramount importance on the development of mindfulness and awareness as the true catalyst for lasting transformation.

Private coaching sessions can be arranged as per individual requirement and as per Brian’s discretion. These sessions would help in identifying personal behaviours and challenges, if any. His private sessions will be treated at par with the regular therapy offered at Vana. However, small group interactive sessions will be planned with him that will contribute to higher levels of consciousness, introspection, effective communication skills and better decision making to enhance wise and inspirational living.