5th – 14th August, 2018

Magos Herrera
A Mexican jazz singer, songwriter, producer and educator. Magos was born in Mexico City and currently based out of New York. Magos is regarded as one of the most expressive, beautiful voices and most active vocalists in the contemporary Latin American jazz scene. She is best known for her eloquent vocal improvisation and her singular bold style, which embraces elements of contemporary jazz with Latin American melodies and rhythms in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, in a style that elegantly blends and surpasses language boundaries.

Apart from recording six solo albums, Magos has performed in a variety of leading international cultural venues and jazz festivals around the world. Throughout her career, Magos has garnered important awards and recognitions, including a Grammy short-list nomination in the Best Jazz Vocal Album category for her album ‘Distancia’ (2009).

Fabio Gouvea
A guitarist, composer and arranger. Fabio has been praised for being a musician with a strong melodic approach, deep harmonic concept, and an uplifting rhythmic feel – all characteristics that have made him one of the most in-demand artists of his generation.

Alex Kautz
A percussionist, educator and composer. Alex has found a unique musical voice as a result of his passion for jazz and world music. He is best known for his musicality, groove and a profound understanding of a variety of styles.

Magos, along with Fabio and Alex, will be in residence from Sunday, 5th August till Tuesday, 14th August, 2018. They will lead 3 musical sessions in the form of a concert, a vocal improvisation session and an insight of music from Brazil.

To book your retreat at Vana or to express interest to attend Magos Herrera’s sessions, please email Retreat Reservations at [email protected] or call us on +91 135 3911114. You may also decide to attend these sessions after your arrival at the Retreat.