19th – 23rd December, 2018

A Five Day Journey with Chiaki Maki and her team.

Ganga Maki Textile Studio is an oasis of calm, nestled in the thick of mango groves, just six kilometers from Dehradun’s airport. Here, the Japanese weaver Chiaki Maki who has been living and working in India for many years, has developed a sustainable textile workshop which produces remarkable, hand woven textiles for life. Though the studio is small, it is a microcosom of a sustainable world in which both ethical production and a divine respect to nature is harnessed.

As a tribute to Chiaki Maki’s work, we have organised a 5 day retreat at Vana to showcase the unique process. The structure of the residency mirrors Chiaki Maki’s process of producing textiles; the first day begins with the cocoons, from which silk yarn is reeled. We then move to the art of dyeing using natural flowers and plants, and eventually, on the ultimate days, progress to the loom where a special hand woven magic turns yarns in to textiles.

The workshop encompasses lessons in awareness, ethics, skill and creativity. Shawls & garments produced by Ganga Maki will also be available for purchase through the week. We are fortunate to be in collaboration with Chiaki San and her team, as we join hands to work towards a more sustainable world for all.