Robin Harford is a contemplative, forager and ethnobotanist specialising in wild edible plants and has been teaching people about their local edible landscape throughout the Britain and beyond since 2009. He is a co-director of Plants and Healers International, a non-profit that connects people, plants and healers around the world. He travels extensively documenting and recording the traditional and local uses of wild food plants in indigenous cultures.

Robin masters the art of foraging, whether it be for food, medicine or utilitarian uses can be a deep journey into soul and a gentle way to ‘get out of our heads and come to our senses’. It’s a way to experience the world and the plant kingdom through ‘new eyes’.

His teaching style uses personal stories of meeting indigenous plant walkers, poetry, and practical examples showing the role foraging and contemplative plant focused practices have on ‘re-membering’ ourselves and reconnecting back to the living earth.

Robin was in residence from Monday, October 3rd to Thursday, October 13th, 2016. The retreat was focused on art of foraging through walks within and outside Vana to identify edimentals, contemplative practice in a wild place for five senses, knowledge on gaining sustainable nourishment from nature and sessions with Vanavasis in the kitchen.