Today will be a new beginning and a celebration…

Vanavasis began their day by sprinkling some holy water from the Ganga which we provided to them. As per the Indian tradition, this is an auspicious thing to do.

We also held Yoga sessions in the Kila Lobby to begin the day together! A special breakfast was prepared for all Vanavasis as well.To honour all the deities and evoke their power and energy, we organised a special Medicine Buddha Puja as well as a Fire Puja or Havan. Medicine Buddha is the manifestation of the healing energy of all enlightened beings and the ceremony acts to heal as well as empower to heal. The Fire Puja was for purification and also to seek blessings and dynamic energy.

Vanavasis also enjoyed the lunch under the winter sun with henna, music and eventually the Dehradun Drum Circle – a fun but noisy young bunch! We had also organised performances in the afternoon before the High Tea.

Vana team members prepared a series of traditional cultural performances starting with a Ganesha Vandana. The performances included a Bamboo Dance, Tibetan dances amidst others. In the evening, New Year dinner was served at Salana, followed by a performance by ‘The Copycats Group’ at the Musicians Corner.